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Israel Taxes 2016 (July 2016)

The new corporate income tax rate in Israel for 2016 is 25%, compared to 26.5% in 2015.
Personal income tax rates in 2016 range from 10% to 50%.
The V.A.T. rate in 2016 is 17%.

Israel Annual Income Tax Rates for Individuals (2016)

Tax % Income (IS)
10% 1-62,640
14% 62,641-67,040
21% 67,041-166,320
31% 166,321-237,600
34% 237,601-496,920
48% 496,921-803,520
50% 803,521 and over

Note :The annual tax rates for passive income, e.g. business rental, are:

Tax % Income (IS)
31% 1-237,600
34% 237,601-496,920
48% 496,921-803,520
50% 803,521 and over

Israel Capital Gains

Capital gains of companies is taxed at the regular 25% tax rate.
For individuals sale of assets other than shares bought after 1.1.2012 is taxed at 25%.
Sale of shares is taxed at 25% or 30% when the seller has control of 10% or more in the company.

Dividend income received by individuals is taxed at 25% /30% as in the case of sale of shares .

Israel Tax Withholding Rates

The tax withholding rates for payment to non-residents are:
Dividend – 25%/30%
Royalties – 25%
Interest – 15%/20%/25%
Note: withholding rate are subject to double tax treaties between Israel and other countries.

Israel Social Security

Social security in Israel is paid up to a monthly ceiling of IS 43,240.
The social security rate are:
Employer – 7.25%
Employee – 12.0%

Israel Value Added Tax

The standard VAT rate in 2016 is 17%.

The reporting period is monthly/bi- monthly depending on the annual turnover.
VAT has to be paid up to 15 days following the reporting period.

In case of annual turnover of less than IS 100,000 businesses can in many cases register as "exempt dealers" with the VAT office.

An exempt dealer does not pay VAT on the business's income and is not allowed to deduct input VAT on expenses.